Knoxville Home Sales Report: April 2018

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Deep Thoughts

  • Is this a seller's market or the new normal? I'm seriously starting to wonder. 
  • Inventory continues to be issue number 1. Only homes with major condition or location issues are not going into multiple offer as soon as they hit the market. 
  • Rates are remaining steady under 5%, meaning it is most likely still cheaper to buy than rent (if you can find a house to buy(. 
  • Prices are up across the board again, which is no surprise with buyers competing over almost every single listing.   
  • Appraisals are still not a lot of fun and are causing agents and sellers to practice holding their breath. 
  • Again, I say, is this the new normal? With more and more people moving to Knoxville and with our attractions and infrastructure growing, we may be getting some big city real estate problems. 

 *All information provided by KAAR (Knoxville Area Association of Realtors) and is for the greater Knoxville area including Knox County and surrounding counties. My opinions are just that: opinions. I'm not really an expert in anything, but I do like to write about real estate. 

Knoxville Home Sales Report: February 2018

Knoxville Home Sales Report: February 2018

It's still cold outside, but the Spring Selling Season is upon us! Before we get excited about spring sales numbers, we still have to get in our Way Back Machine and take a look at what was happening in the greater Knoxville area in the recently released February 2018 home sales numbers from the Knoxville Area Association of Realtors (the kids call it KAAR). To the charts!

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Welcome Our New Agent: Rachel Ray Honeycutt


Rachel Ray Honeycutt grew up in a 130 year old boarding house that her parents intended on renovating, but never completed. From the 18 years of living in those old bones, she grew to love houses with history and unique qualities.  She is addicted to search engines and finding a deal;: whether it be searching for that rare Mid-Century sofa on Craigslist, or finding that absolutely perfect home for her buyer, Rachel searches with fervor and dedication--she loves finding that property that folks think does not exist.

Rachel is a UT graduate in both Philosophy and English, and loves literature, creative writing, poetry, and music. Rachel has two sweet children, Ruby and Sam and is married to a local jazz musician, Buddy Honeycutt. She loves the outdoors and worked for a Wilderness Therapy program called Second Nature Blue Ridge in the Georgia mountains after graduating from UT, where she helped at-risk teens navigate through their therapy using the tools of the wilderness, GPS, and primitive bowdrilling for fire. She loves exploring, cycling, great food, cooking, creeks and rivers, and travel (and Barbeque potato chips).  She is interested in real estate investing and how investment tools and new website start-ups like airbnb can be tools for financial freedom for the younger generations and for folks seeking financial independence.

Rachel loves getting to know her clients; she loves getting to work with people and develop meaningful relationships--helping them to buy an item of value and sell things that truly have worth, enabling them to achieve their dreams--she knows that investing in a home can be a great path for future financial success in life.

Rachel loves fixer-uppers and has experience closing property with renovation loans, both professionally and personally on her own home.  She loves helping clients determine what the best option for their personal situation in regard to buying a home or fixer-upper.  

She is an avid blogger and loves to write.  You can visit her blog at Rachel is always accepting new clients, to buy or sell and loves helping folks navigate the home sales process.  Call her today! 865-888-0344


Welcome Our New Agent: Chris Garvey

Chris and his wife chose to relocate to East Tennessee from San Diego in 2008 because of its four distinct seasons, numerous recreational opportunities, and the overall quality of life. 

With a B.A. in Psychology from UCLA as well as a teaching credential and certificates in cabinetry and furniture construction, Chris has worked as a university administrator, elementary school teacher, cabinet maker, and a stay at home dad before becoming a Realtor. Working on his own home and rental property has given him a greater appreciation of those details that can make a house a home, give it character, and make it unique. He believes that while houses are bought and sold, homes are created through vision and hard work. Chris is dedicated to helping his clients meet their real estate needs, whatever they may be.

When not working for you he can be found remodeling his own properties, coaching his sons in soccer, and enjoying life here in East Tennessee.

Knoxville Home Sales Report: June 2016

Knoxville Home Sales Report: June 2016

It's almost time to go back to school, but that doesn't mean that I'm finished schooling you on the Summer Selling Season. We're almost through July, so that means the June numbers are out, and they are HOT. How hot? Well, join me as we explore the Knoxville Home Sales Report numbers from the Knoxville Area Association of Realtors (aka KAAR), won't you?

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