New Agent

Welcome our New Agent: Nicole Robinette

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The oldest of seven children, Nicole was born and raised in Bristol, TN. She has lived all over Tennessee in everything from a 1910 Bungalow to a 1925 Mediterranean, so she knows a lot about real estate and home styles. After earning a B.A. in Music in New York and an M.A. in film and video from the University of Memphis, Before following her dreams to sell real estate, Nicole worked in television broadcasting, non-profit and higher education, and customer service. She loves helping seller and buyers and also enjoys selling vacant land as well as houses.

When she’s not hard at work in the real estate trenches, Nicole is at home in North Knoxville with her spouse, 2 dogs, 1 cat, and 2 fish. She also plays keyboard and sings in both “Mojo Tweed” (a blues band) and is a keyboardist, singer and writer in the musical duo “News at Eleven.”

Welcome our New Agent, Laura Holland!


You may be asking, why is a middle school librarian from Elizabethton, Tennessee so passionate about Knoxville Real Estate? The answer is simple but comes in a few different parts First, while Laura will always call Elizabethton her home, Knoxville is where she feels at home. She has been a native for going on nine years, and Good Ole’ Rocky Top is where she plans to stay. Secondly, she LOVES houses: old (especially) but new, too. Growing up, she always had a question about some house on some street and expected some answer! She is a librarian and loves teaching research and technology to students; however, her passion for houses has never gone away.  In 2015, she embarked on her first renovation project (that took a while longer than she would ever admit on record). This fixer upper experience it made her love houses and made her appreciate Knoxville even more. So after she finished her Doctorate Degree in Curriculum and Instruction, she immediately began taking the steps to become a real estate agent. The rest...well it’s history!

Welcome Our New Agent: Ryan Atkins

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A graduate of UT and long-time Knoxville resident, Ryan Atkins loves Tennessee. You can find him floating the river in the summer and snowboarding in the winter. As an artist, he shares his paintings throughout the Knoxville community and you can see some of his works hanging in Tupelo Honey from time-to-time, or at one of his pop-up shows that happen quarterly around the city.

In his past life, Ryan’s hunger for travel and adventure landed him in Ukraine teaching English and skydiving; got him lost on the streets of Paris; took him swimming with Sea Turtles in Barbados; tasted him the best beer in Belgium; drove him excessively fast on the German Autobahn; and floated him through the canals of Amsterdam.

When he wasn’t traveling and going to school, he was flipping houses with his family, or working at apartment complexes, which is where his curiosity and love for real estate began. Then life led him down a different road and he began a career in advertising where he learned many business and marketing skills that helped him be a top performer in his field.

Now older and more settled, he and his fiance, Ali, call Holston Hills home, where they recently bought a house. After switching careers from Advertising to Real Estate, his hope is to bring others into the vibrant communities of Knoxville so they can experience the closeness and lifestyle of the city while also experiencing the outdoor life that the oddly-rural features of the city accommodate.

Welcome Our New Agent: Rachel Ray Honeycutt


Rachel Ray Honeycutt grew up in a 130 year old boarding house that her parents intended on renovating, but never completed. From the 18 years of living in those old bones, she grew to love houses with history and unique qualities.  She is addicted to search engines and finding a deal;: whether it be searching for that rare Mid-Century sofa on Craigslist, or finding that absolutely perfect home for her buyer, Rachel searches with fervor and dedication--she loves finding that property that folks think does not exist.

Rachel is a UT graduate in both Philosophy and English, and loves literature, creative writing, poetry, and music. Rachel has two sweet children, Ruby and Sam and is married to a local jazz musician, Buddy Honeycutt. She loves the outdoors and worked for a Wilderness Therapy program called Second Nature Blue Ridge in the Georgia mountains after graduating from UT, where she helped at-risk teens navigate through their therapy using the tools of the wilderness, GPS, and primitive bowdrilling for fire. She loves exploring, cycling, great food, cooking, creeks and rivers, and travel (and Barbeque potato chips).  She is interested in real estate investing and how investment tools and new website start-ups like airbnb can be tools for financial freedom for the younger generations and for folks seeking financial independence.

Rachel loves getting to know her clients; she loves getting to work with people and develop meaningful relationships--helping them to buy an item of value and sell things that truly have worth, enabling them to achieve their dreams--she knows that investing in a home can be a great path for future financial success in life.

Rachel loves fixer-uppers and has experience closing property with renovation loans, both professionally and personally on her own home.  She loves helping clients determine what the best option for their personal situation in regard to buying a home or fixer-upper.  

She is an avid blogger and loves to write.  You can visit her blog at Rachel is always accepting new clients, to buy or sell and loves helping folks navigate the home sales process.  Call her today! 865-888-0344