Welcome our New Agent, Laura Holland!


You may be asking, why is a middle school librarian from Elizabethton, Tennessee so passionate about Knoxville Real Estate? The answer is simple but comes in a few different parts First, while Laura will always call Elizabethton her home, Knoxville is where she feels at home. She has been a native for going on nine years, and Good Ole’ Rocky Top is where she plans to stay. Secondly, she LOVES houses: old (especially) but new, too. Growing up, she always had a question about some house on some street and expected some answer! She is a librarian and loves teaching research and technology to students; however, her passion for houses has never gone away.  In 2015, she embarked on her first renovation project (that took a while longer than she would ever admit on record). This fixer upper experience it made her love houses and made her appreciate Knoxville even more. So after she finished her Doctorate Degree in Curriculum and Instruction, she immediately began taking the steps to become a real estate agent. The rest...well it’s history!