Knoxville Home Sales Report: May 2018

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Deep Thoughts

  • It's a sellers market.  Remember when we thought that would never happen again? #neverforget
  • Inventory is still at record lows and sales are still at record high, making it a race to get to the next new listing. 
  • The Fed just raised rates by a quarter point and the rumor is that the THDA $15,000 money could run out at any moment. We will see in June and July if those two factors affect this crazy market. 
  • Prices are way up across the board once again, meaning a lot of these listings are selling for at or over list price.   
  • Appraisals are starting to catch up with the market value wise, which is giving agents a chance to breathe a little. Just a little. 
  • Yes, the market is hot. Yes, Knoxville is growing. And yes, bubbles have burst before. The question is: is this a bubble or is this solid ground. Stay tuned...

 *All information provided by KAAR (Knoxville Area Association of Realtors) and is for the greater Knoxville area including Knox County and surrounding counties. My opinions are just that: opinions. I'm not really an expert in anything, but I do like to write about real estate.