Welcome Our New Agent: Ryan Atkins

Professional Headshot.jpg

A graduate of UT and long-time Knoxville resident, Ryan Atkins loves Tennessee. You can find him floating the river in the summer and snowboarding in the winter. As an artist, he shares his paintings throughout the Knoxville community and you can see some of his works hanging in Tupelo Honey from time-to-time, or at one of his pop-up shows that happen quarterly around the city.

In his past life, Ryan’s hunger for travel and adventure landed him in Ukraine teaching English and skydiving; got him lost on the streets of Paris; took him swimming with Sea Turtles in Barbados; tasted him the best beer in Belgium; drove him excessively fast on the German Autobahn; and floated him through the canals of Amsterdam.

When he wasn’t traveling and going to school, he was flipping houses with his family, or working at apartment complexes, which is where his curiosity and love for real estate began. Then life led him down a different road and he began a career in advertising where he learned many business and marketing skills that helped him be a top performer in his field.

Now older and more settled, he and his fiance, Ali, call Holston Hills home, where they recently bought a house. After switching careers from Advertising to Real Estate, his hope is to bring others into the vibrant communities of Knoxville so they can experience the closeness and lifestyle of the city while also experiencing the outdoor life that the oddly-rural features of the city accommodate.